Aluminum, Bronze and Brass Castings

For over 50 years, our passion.

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We at Fonderia Copelli work for individuals, companies and public institutions, putting our experience at the service of the mechanical, artistic and food sectors.


The flexibility of our production cycle allows us to supply both single pieces and to carry out a series production.


The constant optimization of the production cycle allows us to be quick in meeting the needs of our customers.


The attention paid during the realization of the products ensures a quality that distinguishes our brand.


The heart of our production

We produce molds for plastic thermoforming and components for the mechanical industry, up to the automotive sector, maintaining an elasticity that allows us to perform both single and series productions. And with great speed.

FOOD Field

Made in Italy at its highest level

For years we have dedicated ourselves to the production of products for the food industry, such as aluminum tubs for cured meat factories. All while maintaining high quality standards and using materials that are not harmful to the health of the consumer.


Make your creations even bigger

For some time we have been offering artists the opportunity to collaborate with us to create their works using metal materials and specific processing techniques, making every effort to give the final product an unprecedented value.

Bring your ideas to life!

Are you interested in the production of single pieces?
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