The company

A burning flame since 1964.

In 1964, Fonderia Dazzi was founded in Parma.

The plant, equipped with the main machinery necessary for metalworking, began to deal with the production processes that make it possible to obtain metal objects starting from reference models, initially operating in the mechanical sector.

In the 1980s the company saw considerable growth thanks to the acquisition of new customers and the opening of a production unit entirely dedicated to the production of molds for the food industry.

With the upheavals of the early 2000s and the profound changes undergone by the market, the company decided to reorganize itself: it was thus that in 2007 the company was renamed into Fonderia Copelli, with the acquisition of new partners.

The goal we set ourselves from the beginning was to combine the old artisan tradition with the new production techniques with professionalism and competence, in order to offer our customers cutting-edge products and services and imprint a quality that distinguishes our brand.

Over the years, in response to the needs expressed by some customers, we have also decided to approach the artistic sector, offering numerous people the opportunity to collaborate to create their works using metal materials.

Today the business is aimed at all these sectors, using aluminum alloys, bronze and brass and providing quality products, complete with mechanical machining and finishing treatments.
Furthermore, we have decided to maintain a versatile production cycle: we are able to supply both single pieces and mass-produced products. All while maintaining an optimization that quickly satisfies the requests of our customers.

The continuous growth of Fonderia Copelli has made possible important investments in recent years:


Years of experience




Tons of metal processed every year

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